Why do I have to enter so much data?

It is important that we know your shoe size, weight, skiing ability, etc. so that your equipment can be ready for you & you can march onto the piste immediately after picking up. The data is also important so that the settings fit your safety.


What is the difference between the categories?

Here you find the special skies - from FIS racing skies, new touring equipment or powder skies - also changes beween diffrenet skies are possible, to have the perfect ski for every condition.

The best of the best: The current high performance models of the current season with a maximum of control & grip in difficult conditions, suitable for sporty & very experienced drivers.

The racers of the current season: Brand new Allround models of the current season, optimal support during the turn initiation, optimal driving and steering behavior, for experienced drivers.

For the price-conscious: Very good basic models of the current season in the all-round area, forgiving & energy-saving driving behavior, ideal for beginners & returnees.


Why rent equipment online?

Reserving at www.book2ski.com is undoubtedly the fastest & cheapest way to rent your equipment. Basically, the rental companies always have equipment available, but with increasing demand (holidays, weekends) the newer models and top models are out of stock quickly. So if you have special wishes (gold category) make sure to reserve!

In addition, your online booking will save time because the "CHECK-IN" is not necessary on site & your personal data has already been entered online. In addition, your equipment is already prepared & ready for individual issue. This will save you time - with a short waiting time, you'll be on the slopes faster!

Another advantage is the early booking discount up to 10% on our site.


I made a mistake when specifying my shoe size, height or weight. What should I do?

The equipment stock of the rental companies is sufficiently large and versatile, in order to find suitable sizes for each customer. If you entered the wrong shoe size, just tell us directly at the rental place.

Your comfort and your safety is close to our heart. You don't have to pay a surcharge if your rented equipment category corresponds to the one you have reserved.

If you have made a mistake in the category, the local rental company can charge you an additional fee.


How much does the rental equipment cost?

This may vary depending on the shop, online discount, rental class and person renting. The quickest way to find out your price is to start an online booking & then you'll immediately see the possible online discount you can get.


Which rental class suits me best?

Basically, skis/snowboards in the BRONZE category are solid all-mountain skis/snowboards that guarantee you lots of fun on the slopes.


If you attach great importance to the equipment, then we recommend the SILVER category. The ski & snowboard models of the SILBER category are one quality level higher & convince with very good material.

One level higher is the GOLD category, these are high-end skis/snowboards.

If you are unsure, let your gut feeling decide when making your online reservation. On site the rental company will find the right ski/snowboard for you with a few questions. You can change the model within your rental class at any time during your rental period free of charge or change to another category (additional costs may apply).


Can I change shoes if they don't fit?

At any time when you notice that your shoe is pinching on the piste, please come back to your rental. The rental companies will be happy to exchange you for another model,

because our rental companies want you to have fun on the slopes.


Should I take my online booking confirmation with me when I pick up my equpiment?

Yes, please bring your online confirmation & payment confirmation with you. Your equipment will be waiting for you.


Can I book by phone?

No, the booking is only possible via our homepage www.book2ski.com


Do I save money when booking online compared to booking directly on site?

Yes, you save up to 10% compared to the rental price on site & your equipment will be provided for your desired date.