Book2ski GmbH

Comp. No.: 489655g
with its registered seat at Waagstraße 12
5671 Bruck/Glocknerstraße

offers the following services on its website

•    Mediation of rental contracts for winter sports equipment (rental)
•    Mediation of contracts on provision of skiing instruction
•    Mediation of service contracts for lunchtime child-care.

When booking via the website,, the General Terms and Conditions specified herein below must be accepted:

1. Mediation activities:

Using a web-based booking system, Book2ski GmbH exclusively acts as a mediator, not assuming any liability in relation to the end customer. Book2ski GmbH does not, by itself, rent out any winter sports equipment and does not provide any services other than those listed above in the introduction to these GTCs.  Upon booking, a contract between the booking customer and the given provider (winter sports items rental, ski school etc.) alone is established. Book2ski GmbH acts in the name and on the account of the relevant provider; the following terms and conditions therefore apply solely to its mediation activities.
The website contains a presentation on and the possibility to reserve winter sports equipment, as well as other products, from ski rental shops, as well as an offer of skiing courses, in connection with ski rental, provided by ski schools in selected ski regions and the possibility to reserve such courses. By completing the information fields and completion of the booking process, the order becomes binding on the customer. Forwarding the order to the relevant provider constitutes mediation service rendered by Book2ski GmbH to such provider. Book2ski GmbH’s contractual obligations are limited to the mediation of the desired contract. The contracting parties agree to careful treatment of sensitive data pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation. A reference is made in this context to the data privacy policy publicly accessible at Book2ski GmbH’s homepage (
Acceptance of the reservation and the scope of the booked services is exclusively governed by written contractual terms of the relevant ski & snowboard school or ski rental provider. Side agreements made orally or by telephone are only valid if expressly confirmed in writing by the relevant ski & snowboard school.
All prices specified by the providers are in euros and, unless agreed otherwise, include statutory VAT. Information contained in price lists is presented without guarantee. No liability is assumed for printing errors. Any and all claims shall be handled on site directly by the provider. Any bank charges or exchange rate fluctuations applicable as of the moment of booking shall be borne by the customer. Any times specified are times valid in the time zone applicable to Austria.

2. Generally applicable contractual terms

As a rule, the general terms and conditions of the relevant provider shall apply, with the exception of the following exhaustively listed provisions which shall prevail over such individual terms and conditions:
Cancellation terms: Cancellations must be made in writing; they can be made, without additional charge and the need to provide reasons, one day before the provision of the service begins at the latest. The same applies also where the booked ski school’s general terms and conditions contain different rules and the cancellation is handled directly between the provider and the end customer.
Discounts: The fixed discounts the end customer receives on the online platform include a 5% discount on the services of ski schools (if booked at least 30 days in advance) and a 10% discount on ski rental (if booked at least 3 days in advance).

3. Payments

The booked services can be paid for by the following means of payment:
•    credit card (Visa, MasterCard)
•    instant transfer
•    PayPal (only in relation to selected companies)
•    on the basis of an invoice (only in relation to selected companies)
Payments are processed via an external payment provider, QENTA Payment CEE GmbH, Reininghausstraße 10, 8020 Graz, Austria. Any charges connected with the payment (bank commissions, bank charges in connection with exchange rates etc.) shall be borne exclusively by the person making the booking.

4. Booking confirmation

By completing the booking process, the customer confirms the accuracy of his personal details. The booking made by the customer shall become valid upon online payment and receipt of a booking confirmation (voucher), as well as payment confirmation, by the customer.
The customer is obliged to check the accuracy of the booking confirmation delivered to him by e-mail without delay. The customer must inform the provider of any deviations from the desired booking contained in the booking confirmation without delay.

5. Special provisions

The customer shall present his booking confirmation (voucher) to the provider (in printed form, if so required by the provider) and grant his consent to the making of a copy of his official photo ID.
The customer is fully liable for the rented ski equipment and obliged to use such equipment with due care. Making the equipment available for use to a third party is not allowed.
The general terms and conditions of the provider shall apply in the event of theft or damage to the rented material.
Any claims and complaints must be submitted by the contracting partner on site and without delay to the relevant ski & snowboard school or ski rental office to enable speedy remedy and further provision of the service. If the contracting partner fails to exercise his right to complain without delay, but, in any case, by the end of the provision of the relevant service at the latest, any claims for price reduction or reimbursement such partner may have had shall not be considered. Any other claims vis-a-vis ski & snowboard schools must be raised and justified in writing no later than four weeks from the day on which the reason for the relevant claim arises or on which the contracting party learns of it.
6. Right to withdraw and cancellations
We wish to point out that no general statutory right of withdrawal applies to contracts concluded under these GTCs.  Cancellations must be in written form and can be made, without additional charge and the need to provide reasons, one day before the provision of the service begins at the latest.

7. Disclaimer

Conclusion of a health, accident, third-party liability and foreign travel health insurance is strongly recommended to ski & snowboard schools’ contracting partners. According to applicable law, the ski & snowboard schools are only liable for damage arisen in connection with the activities of the school caused deliberately or through gross negligence.
The ski & snowboard schools are covered by appropriate third-party liability insurance. Otherwise, however, the relevant ski & snowboard school will under no circumstances be liable if the contracting partner, through his failure to observe the school’s instructions, the International Ski Federation’s rules for slopes, other legal requirements or the provisions of these business terms and conditions, suffers a physical injury or damage or causes damage of any kind.
Book2ski GmbH generally assumes no liability for damage to the rented ski equipment. Book2ski shall not, in particular, be liable for any personal damage and damage to the property of the customer or a third party. Book2ski GmbH furthermore assumes no liability for such equipment’s wear and tear resulting from its normal use. All liability issues shall be settled directly between the customer and the provider.

8. Severability

Should any individual provision of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or ineffective, such invalidity or ineffectiveness shall be without prejudice to the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions, as well as the relevant legal transaction as a whole. The invalid or ineffective provision shall be replaced with a new provision the economic purpose of which is as close as possible to that of the affected provision. Any and all changes to these General Terms and Conditions must be in writing.

9. Court jurisdiction

Austrian law shall exclusively apply to any and all legal disputes in connection with or regarding the mediation of online bookings at The Landesgericht Salzburg (Regional Court in Salzburg) shall be the court with exclusive jurisdiction for any such disputes.